.... we provide life opportunities for the disadvantaged!

Proposed projects for 2021

lightup rural communities

The light up Rural Communities is a beautiful project that will provide renewable and sustainable energy for the elderly in rural communities selected for the project. We intend to deploy rugged and portable solar generator to provide uninterrupted power , with radio and USB charging point to charge mobile phones.

mass deworm exercise

The most common symptoms of intestinal worm can include: An itchy bottom. General irritability and behavioural changes. Trouble sleeping, or restless sleep, sometimes resulting in bed-wetting. Common symptoms of intestinal worms are: abdominal pain. diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. gas/bloating. fatigue. unexplained weight loss. abdominal pain or tenderness. We plan to deworm approximately 5000 children selected public schools in rural communities before the long school vacation or on first term resumption

renewable energy training

We plan to carryout hands-on training on renewable energy solar installation and maintenance including street light. We already have partnered with Hardware Insight, a reputable Alternative and Renewable Energy company in Nigeria based in Lagos for the technical support and execution of the project.

nutritional suppliments

Nigeria is a country that contradicts her natural endowments. Despite the existence of many economic resources such as crude oil, tin, kaolin, live stock, a variety of agricultural products and a huge fertile land, the people remain in abject poverty leading to plethora of crisis in forms of high rate of poverty and inequality. Over 80% of families can not afford basic balanced meal twice a day. We want to carryout a massive campaign of the distribution of Vitamin C, B-Complex supplements to extreme rural communities

Frequently asked questions

Over the years, Arise Monalisa Foundation has been silently funded by the founder CEO Monalisa Chinda through her various works such as film making, TV talk show, Academy and other engagements. She also reaches out to well meaning individuals that beleives and supports her dream and projects silently without making a show of it.

As needs keep growing and resources are limited with more problems to solve it becomes neccessary to engage other legitimate means of sourcing for funds to help  reach out more projects and make more impacts to the people and the society at large.

For this purpose we intend to partner with reputable crowdfunding organisations such as give.ng for partnership and support 

We promote the activities of the foundation through our website  www.arisemonalisafoundation.org, Monalisacode Production which is the flagship of the TV Talk Show Series, You & I with Monalisa and various social media platforms , facebook, youtube, Instagram etc. We will run paid adverts and sponsored posts, page boost and other promotional medium like fliers, coporate branding on tshirts, caps, mugs, stationeries etc

Compassion is the word. The inequality gap in our society is enermous. There is just a bit the government and religious bodies can do. Corporate bodies are trying too and individuals, but its not enough. This is part of our social impact policy and human nature. Giving back to both the system and nature is a noble cause that God himself rewards.

We do have functional administrative office with operating  officers. Most of our activities are executed in conjunction with our volunteers when ever we have a campaign.