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As the world begins to transition towards adopting cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy, we are beginning to witness the rapid evolution of the green economy. There is now a rising demand for skilled technicians in renewable energy particular in solar.

This is why our foundation is keen and  committed to meeting this need to supply well-trained man power in this industry.

Batch-by-batch, we are embarking on Renewable Energy Youth Empowerment Training across states and the FCT


Our mission with this training is to produce technically competent young men and women who can provide simple renewable energy solutions that add value and thereby earn income for doing so after the training period.

We have partnered with a highly efficient Alternative Energy company with over 16 years field experience in the industry with many practical proofs across the nation. They shall provide the technical expertise and training for the duration of the training. Details will be provided upon request.

Training Details

This training program which is designed to run for 30-days. At the end of the program, each participant should be capable of delivering basic technical installations of solar equipment. This includes the following:

  • Installation of residential solar power, the design
  • Installation and maintenance of street lighting
  • Implementing power audit for both individuals and corporate organizations.

The training is purely hands on. Our  instructors will be on ground to handle the training modules 1-6 for the 30 days period. All participants will be required to start and complete a specific job installation task with unique specifications.


The training module includes:

  1. Installation of household inverter 
  2. Installation of household combo pack
  3. Troubleshooting of non-functional power inverter
  4. Isolation of unwanted loads
  5. Power audit
  6. Installation of automated solar street light system

This training program promises to deliver value to every participants with practical skills that will definitely enhance the quality of life of every participant.