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Arise Monalisa Foundation is grossly touched by the havoc of the COVID'19 pandemic across the entire globe and wish to urgently join reputable world bodies and corporate organisations in providing information, education and support to everyone to help contain and stop the rapid spread of the MONSTER disease

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Have you read or heard of “Patient 31” in South Korea? She is responsible for the huge spike in the numbers of corona virus patients in South Korea.

How did it happen? She simply attended a Church that insisted it must be open to worshippers against the directive of government. The result of that singular disobedience is what South Korea is still struggling to contain .

Every 10 minutes, someone is dying in Iran due to the virus. How did it get to that level? The Spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini , called for a National prayer and gathered 60,000 people to pray. In less than 48 hours, the number of infected persons moved from less than 30 to 2,000.

God is NOT an author of confusion. He put structures in place by putting a government over you. And that is for law, order, planning and control. If you disobey your Government, you are acting against God’s word. So stop the grandstanding. Stop it this minute!

Even Apostle Paul said everything should be done “decently and in order.” Italy is recording about 600 deaths DAILY. They have converted Final year medical students to Doctors abruptly. The Crematorium are completely filled. Corpses are lining the streets . AND THAT IS A COUNTRY WITH A LESSER POPULATION BUT FAR BETTER HEALTH-CARE THAN NIGERIA.

We are a population of over 200 million people with the arguably the most terrible healthcare system. If this virus moves with the speed it is currently doing because some of you are deliberately being stubborn, then this will be a long night.

Kindly obey all the instructions dished out by Government and stop using our Father in Heaven to become a stupid national deviant.


Stop Wasting Money Buying Hand Santizer, See How To Produce It..
since hand sanitizer price skyrocket over night my dear ones make yours at home.

Let them sell theirs 19,000 naira abegi no send them again.


Are we not amazed at how callous and capitalistic people can be. Since the news break of corononavirus in Nigeria, prices of Hand Sanitizers have skyrocketed with an increase of about 500% under 2 days! Worse still, NOT AVAILABLE.

Congratulations to you that you are a member of this group, TODAY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE YOUR OWN HAND SANITIZERS which will be as potent as store bought, if not more potent and without the nasty additives.

Dr Ed Chag, the medical director of Parkway Shenton and Dr Natasha Bagdasaria, a medical consultant with the Division of infectious disease affirmed that, for a HAND SANITIZER TO BE EFFECTIVE AGAINST BACTERIA AND VIRUS, IT MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST 60% ALCOHOL! Reason, WHO and CDC have been emphasising on ALCOHOL BASED hand sanitizers to protect yourself against spread of COVID-19 Virus.

With that in mind, I present to you below, Home made hand sanitizer, Alcohol based, with extras and without nasty chemicals in commercial ones:


(1). 2/3 Cup of rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol etc) Forget about the big names, if you are a Nigerian, just grab Moko Methylated Spirit, it contains 88.93% Isopropyl Alcohol, 11.94% Ethanol, 0.13% Propanol and just 0.01% Water. Meaning it is about 99.9% Alcohol!

(2). 1/3 Cup of 100% pure Aloe Vera. This will act as a carrier and as a moisturizer to prevent your hands from drying out from the effect of the alcohol. If you can not get Aloe Vera, replace with Vegetable Glycerine, but drop volume a little so your hand don’t get sticky.

(3). 10 drops of Lavender Essential oil (For fragrance). If you dont care how it smells, forget about this.


Mix the ingredients together thoroughly, then fill into several portable squeeze plastic bottles. Give to all your households, friends and brag about our group! You are protected (handwise)

(4) Essential oil

(5) Add 1 TSP of Vitamin E oil for extra moisturizing and lustrous skin.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are rich and you shack Vodka, you do not need to buy any Rubbing Acohol, replace number 1 above with Vodka, but be sure it is not less than 100 Proof Vodka (This contain 50% Alcohol), such as Balkan Vodka. If you get 176 Proof Vodka, thats better (It contain 88% Alcohol). 179 Proof Vodka contain 89.9% Alcohol. Stop right there, that’s all you need!

You have been enriched with knowledge, protect yourself.

As usual, it is my prayers that the Almighty God will protect us from pestilences and heal our land. Amen.

A Letter of Peace to You all from Italy

My dear brothers and sisters in Nigeria, I live in Italy – Milan, and
I’m going to share with you and explain to you, “How life is here in Milan” during these difficult times and how I think you in Nigeria should lead your lives in order not to repeat the mistakes of the Italian people.

We are currently in quarantine. We are not allowed to take to the streets. The police are in constant motion and will arrest anyone outside his/her home.

Everything is closed! … business, malls, and stores. Every street is without any movement.
We are having the feeling of the end of the world !!

Italy, the country of better living – full of life, is completely transformed as if it were a dark country of war.

The situation is something I never thought would ever happen here! People are confused, sad, anxious and helpless, and often do not understand how this reality was imposed on them and when this whole nightmare will end.

The big mistake was that at the start of the first hit people continued to lead their lives as usual and took to the streets for work, entertainment and feeling like a vacation period.

But everyone was wrong and it is same i think would happen in Ghana you if you don’t think certain precautionary measures!

I beg you, be careful, this is neither a laugh nor a joke. Protect yourself and loved ones; your parents and your grandparents!

The disease is dangerous for everybody.
About 200 people die here every day, not because medicine in Milan is not good, but because there are no medical places for everyone! Doctors choose who will survive and who will die!

All this is due to the silliness of the citizens at the beginning of the onslaught. They decided to continue their lives as usual, regardless of the new situation!

Please, learn from the mistakes! Nigeria is an over populated country that could end up with a great tragedy if everything is taken for granted.

Listen well now ,,, 🙏
-Don’t go out into crowded places.
-Don’t eat in public places.
-Stay longer at home during this time!
-Listen to the Ministry of Health guidelines.
-Talk a meter away from people.
-Don’t come close.
-Don’t cuddle or accept a hug from any person.
-Get a complementary and preventive treatment and learn from others’ mistakes.
-I recommend that you take vitamin C to boost your immune system.
-Help professionals to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

In Italy, the entire country is isolated, more than 60 million people in quarantine !!

This would have been prevented if people had heard the instructions from the beginning.

Take care of yourself love your life and the life of another, thanks ❤❤
Please you can share the message to loved ones.

Breaking News from CNN :-

Dr. Li Wenliang, China’s hero doctor who was punished for telling the truth about Corona Virus and later died due to the same disease, had documented case files for research purposes and had in the case files proposed a cure that would significantly decrease the impact of the COVID – 19 Virus on the human body. The chemical Methylxanthine, Theobromine and Theophylline stimulate compounds that can ward off these virus in a human with atleast an average immune system. Whats more shocking is that these complex words that were so difficult for people in China to understand is actually called Tea in India, YES, our regular Tea has all these chemicals already in it. The main Methylxanthine in tea is the stimulant caffeine. Other Methylxanthines found in tea are two chemically similar compounds, Theobromine and Theophylline. The tea plant creates these chemicals as a way to ward off insects and other animals. Who would have known that all the solution to these virus would be a simple cup of TEA. and that is the reason so many patients in China are being cured. The hospital staff in china has started serving tea to the patients 3 times a day, And the effect is finally in Wuhan “The centre of this Pandemic” has been contained and community transmission has almost stopped.

Please Share this message to your friends and family to make them aware about this blessing in the form of TEA in your kitchen.

Forwarded as received.

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