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Jacquie and the Butterfly

Jacqueline Achu, a native of Owerri in imo state, Nigeria is the founder of LUPUS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION, herself being a lupus sufferer for many years.

Being a trained counsellor and a motivational speaker, She is passionate about supporting and inspiring others towards success and achievements.

Jacqueline was diagnosed with lupus in 2005, after she suffered much trauma from her abusive ex-husband. Thankfully, at this time she was living in London (UK). The care she received from experienced medical profession and staff, love and support from her children, family and greetings, together with her strong Faith in GOD and her natural determinations to survive in difficult circumstances, helped her cope well with the illness amongst raising her three children. Aware of how little is known about LUPUS in her home country and how much people suffer because of inadequate information; Jacqueline now pursuing the vision to help others rise above the stigma LUPUS, as well as other illnesses can place on people.

This good cause is the basis for LUPUS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION.

Jacqueline Achu,  founder LUPUS Healthcare Foundation



To create awareness about lupus in Africa. Beginning from Nigeria, it’s symptoms and effects, especially in the light of mis-diagnosis and preventable death.

  • To educate people about the illness and how it can be managed.
  • To encourage, support, and inspire people with lupus and other long term conditions.
  • In other for all these to be achieved, Jacquie and the butterfly will appreciate both financial and medical support from medical practitioners, co-operate bodies, government institutions and concerned persons and outside the continent.
  • Jacquie and the butterfly will network with medical practitioners, co-operate bodies, government institutions and concerned persons in and outside the continent.



This is a motivational and inspirational programme geared towards encouraging people with long term health issues and difficulties in general. We will accomplish this through seminar, talk and media interviews.


This program seeks to give customised general support to lupus sufferers, through hospital visits, provisions basic amenities, subsidation of hospital bill etc.


This in other to create further awareness, the founder (Ms Jacqueline Achu) intends to produce a movie based on her life/struggle with lupus entitled “bleeding butterfly” starring notable Nigerian actors, this is to enhance the awareness.

As part of our annual routine, we mobilise staff to go to different areas to sensitize people about this illness.

So in this time and consequently, we intend to take this awareness to some states in the Northern region starting from Abuja, the Nation’s capital.
For this effect, consultants will be paid for the number of days spent.
Give out aids like umbrellas, walking sticks and approved medications to support lupus sufferers.

To achieve the above mentioned and lots more, we have a budget which will cover the cost of the movie production, sensitisation, transportation, accommodation, welfare and consultants pay for the number of day spent and logistics.